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how do i get canadian citizenship?

I am having Hawaiian Punch for my morning beverage instead of Mountain Dew, so I feel virtuous. Granted, HP is only 10% fruit juice, but it doesn't have caffeine. And the other choice this morning was cherry kool-aid, which doesn't even pretend to be natural.

I know I should just drink water, but it's so booooring.

I forgot -- AGAIN -- to bring my nifty retro Vogue calendar and my Monty Python page-a-day calendar to work. Argh. I keep looking at the wall where my 2001 calendar was and being mystified by its absence. That's how together I am this week.

So Blue and YMB had an awesome time at the Red Wings game last night. When I fell asleep on the couch they were losing to the Canucks 0-3, but when I woke up at midnight when they got home, I discovered they'd actually pulled it out in overtime 5-4. Yay.

I'm glad they saw a good game. YMB was still completely geeked this morning. I could hardly get him to eat breakfast in between his in-depth analysis of the game and, of course, the fights. Being an eight-year-old boy, he loves the fights, and although I try to tell him that that's not what the game is about, it's not true and he knows it. He's not dumb. Of course, his dad doesn't help, since he screams and yells and gets all rabid with the best of them.

I had serious intentions to use my alone time last night to get started on my new quilt project. But instead I talked to my mom on the phone for 45 minutes, paid bills, and went to sleep on the couch. Oh well.

I was absurdly excited, however, to discover last night that our local channels on satellite now included UPN and WB. I can watch Buffy and Angel crystal-clear again! I was having to unhook the satellite box, plug in the bunny ears and fiddle with the reception. And sometimes that's just too much effort, even for Spike. So yay!

Can I just say that someone needs to slap Bush upside the head? From the Washington Post:

Aides: Bush's 'Pakis' Not Intended as Slur
The White House said that President Bush meant no disrespect by referring to Pakistanis as "Pakis."
"The president has great respect for Pakistan, the Pakistani people and the Pakistani culture," spokesman Scott McClellan said.
Bush used the term in remarks to reporters yesterdaywhen discussing the possibility of nuclear rivals India and Pakistan going to war. "I don't believe the situation is defused yet, but I do believe there is a way to do so, and we are working hard to convince both the Indians and the Pakis there's a way to deal with their problems without going to war," Bush said.
In Britain, the term "Paki" is considered an ethnic slur.

Can I whack him? Please? For pity's sake, they can't even take a few minutes to do a simple bit of research and ensure that the American president isn't using derogatory slang for people who are supposed to be on OUR side? Gah. I'm moving to Canada.

10:07 a.m. - January 10, 2002


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